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Vigilant Private Guards is a Ventura security company employing well trained, professional and licensed security guards from the Ventura area. Ventura businesses will be provided with world class security services by a security company that has an unmatched security concept, supervisory system and experience. Vigilant Private Guards is the one stop solution for security guard services in Ventura. We offer armed security guards in Ventura, unarmed security guards, patrol services and fire watch security guard services. Vigilant Private Guards provides construction security guard services, apartment and HOA security, hotel security, security for retirement homes, shopping centers and retail and jewelry stores as well as pharmacies, security guards in Ventura for schools, security guards for warehouses, office buildings and other commercial properties and armed and unarmed security officers for events. Basically Vigilant Private Guards will provide security solutions in the Ventura area whenever an armed or unarmed security guard is required.

Armed Security Guards in Ventura

Armed security guards in Ventura are normally more experienced and highly trained. They undergo extensive classroom, on the job and practical training. Vigilant Private Guards armed security officers are the best of the best. They have been trained to maintain a cool demeanor and make rational and good decisions in the most difficult and stressful situations. An armed security officer will normally be hired if threats of physical violence have been made or if the client has determined a threat against his property or person. In any case armed security officers will be employed in difficult, stressful situations when good decision making and control is required. With Vigilant Private Guards armed officers your Ventura businesses will be in good hands.

Unarmed security guards in Ventura

The most important responsibilities of unarmed security guards in Ventura are to prevent, deter and to interdict. Officers must be vigilant, visible and able to observe and report. Clients will hire officers when they perceive potential risk of vandalism, theft or disturbance of the peace of their property. Vigilant Private Guards trains and provides the best trained and most professional unarmed security guards in Ventura. Our security concept ensures that our security officers are held responsible to frequently patrol and to be visible, which will contribute to preventing most crimes. In the case of an incident security officers are well trained and have the power to arrest. They also possess impeccable communication skills in order to communicate with authorities like the police and fire department or with the client. Vigilant Private Guards security guards in Ventura will provide the peace of mind for business owners and managers that they require to be able to focus on their actual business.

Construction Security Guards in Ventura

Vigilant Private Guards provides construction security services to many large construction companies in the Ventura area. The Vigilant Private Guards security concept ensures that security guards in Ventura are well trained, supervised and held accountable. A security consultant will devise a security plan; create customized post orders and train security guards and field supervisors according to the client’s expectations. The security consultant will be the direct contact for superintendents and project managers in case of emergency or changes to the service are required. Vigilant Private Guards is the most trusted provider of Ventura construction site security guards.

Patrol Services in Ventura

Vigilant Private Guards is the most reliable and professional patrol services company in Ventura. Our patrol officers possess decades of experience in the security industry. Armed and unarmed Ventura security guards will provide patrol services to various kinds of facilities and businesses. Patrol services will be required by businesses when they need a security officer to patrol their property several times within a twenty hour period. Patrol officers will arrive at the property in a marked security vehicle and foot patrol the property. A detailed patrol report will be provided to the client. In case of an incident the patrol guard will notify the client and authorities immediately if necessary. The security officer will remain at the site until the issue is resolved, the client is properly notified and a detailed report is generated. For the security of your property, your tenants or customers there is no better patrol company in Ventura than Vigilant Private Guards.

Fire Watch Services and Fire Watch Security Guards in Ventura

Vigilant Private Guards is an experienced security company that has provided fire watch services to many clients in Ventura. A security consultant with years of experience will provide a free fire watch consultation, which will include information about fire watch rules and regulations in Ventura, communication with the fire marshal about detailed requirements and a detailed fire watch plan. Many business owners and contractors have no experience with fire watches and do not understand requirements, which can result in high fines by the fire marshal and potential liability for a fire. It is extremely important to consult with a security company and a security consultant that specializes in fire watches. Vigilant Private Guards is the most reliable and trusted fire watch provider in Ventura. We will provide the necessary expertise, obtain crucial information, create the plan and provide the execution so your property or the property of your client is safe while a fire watch is required.

Warehouse Security Guards in Ventura and Security Services at Commercial Trucking Companies

Vigilant Private Guards is a trusted security company in the Ventura area that provides unarmed and armed Ventura security guards to warehouses and commercial trucking companies. They often require security services, because they produce ship and store sensitive merchandise that requires special security. In many cases access to the warehouse has to be controlled in order to ensure that information and merchandise are safe. The merchandise during the shipping or receiving process will change hands many times. Security officers with the proper security procedures will provide accountability and safety. A Vigilant Private Guards security consultant will provide a free security consultation to Ventura businesses. He will observe the procedure and regulations of the client and make recommendations on how to improve the safety and security of the merchandise by additional training to employees, changes to procedure and paperwork and by employing security guards in Ventura. Vigilant Private Guards will provide security services to warehouses and commercial trucking companies in Ventura that will not only make the merchandise safer, but it will make recommendations and create a plan that will improve the overall security of the business and its employees.

HOA and Apartment Security Guards in Ventura

Vigilant Private Guards provides security guards to HOAs and apartment communities in the Ventura area. Security Officers at apartments and HOAs are required to enforce the community’s rules, provide general security and to respond to tenant emergencies and complaints. Hiring a good security company and reliable security guards in Ventura is extremely important to property managers. Most emergencies and incidents occur after business hours and it provides peace of mind to tenants and managers alike to employ a reliable and responsive security company. Vigilant Private Guards supervises and holds their security guards in Ventura accountable by frequent supervisory visits and state of the art electronic equipment. Vigilant Private Guards will ensure that your property will be protected by well trained and reliable security guards.
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